Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Yes, Culture Is Changing . . . .

Last week I taped some new video spots with our friends from Simply Youth Ministry. . . stuff for kids on how to evaluate music and media. At one point, I was talking about how technology has changed over the years. You know, trying to describe what once was normal when we were kids to today's kids. . . who have no clue what we are talking about and think we're terribly outdated. Stuff like 8-track tapes, console stereos, etc. Today I saw this 5 second video that one of my adult friends who used to be one of my youth group kids posted on his Facebook page. Funny. Yes, it's changing and changing fast!

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Jeff Robinson said...

I'll be honest, I had to think about that one for a few seconds to figure out why it was funny. I was thinking, "yeah, I'd want to get rid of a monitor that's that old too."

typewriters... ha.